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Franchisees with more employees accomplishing more goals.

The average restaurant looses $150k yearly in staff turnover and 78% of their employees don't even work as hard as they could.

It’s simple, improving motivation can increase gross profits by 47%.

​77% of companies are focusing on the employee experience to fix this. What are you doing?

Employees who work harder, smarter & longer.

Fix franchisee retention issues and create employees who are loyal to your brand. Motivate your employees to accomplish the daily goals that make your business succeed.

Pump up your culture!

Invest less than 1 hour of payroll per employee to create a culture that helps your business grow. Let Pryze lead the way.

Are your employees always on their cell phones?

100% yes of course they are, don’t kid yourself, cell phone addiction is real (nomophobia, actually). Each of your employees spends about 2 hours per shift scrolling thru Tik Tok on your dime and its affecting your brand and your bottom line.


How it works

1. Focus & Work. Employees stay off their phones while on the clock. They track &  accomplish your custom set business goals.

2. Earn Pryze Points. The more they focus & the better they work, the more points they earn. We use positive psychology, behavioral science and dopamine releases to create long term behavior changes & culture shifts.

3. Rewards & ROI. Employees get free rewards & your franchisees get the real benefits; productivity, retention, profits and culture.

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