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We are always here to help you and your campaign be successful. Check out our frequently asked questions below.

What is Pryze's Digital Fundraising Rewards Program?

The Pryze Rewards Program partners with your fundraiser to provide rewards for your team in order to motivate them to participate more & accomplish higher fundraising goals. This program was created to support organizations who fundraise by sourcing, promoting and delivering incentives and excitement!

What are the rewards?

Rewards will be different based on how many items you sell. Some tiers will have specific items such as  a drink from a cool coffee shop or a meal from your favorite spot and some tiers provide electronic gift cards with $ that you can use to get a virtual gift card to your favorite company, there are 1,000's to choose from! Check out your fundraising flyer for exact info. on items and view our virtual gift card catalog here.

How does my team

Your team can choose to sign-up for the Pryze Rewards Program when you set-up your fundraising account with the organization that's helping you. If you are mid-campaign and what to sign-up for rewards just let us know here.

How do my team members participate?

Team members participate by just being awesome! As long as the team, leader or campaign manager has subscribed for the Pryze rewards program, all team members are eligible for rewards. Now the more they sell, the more they earn so motivate them to earn some cool free stuff!

When do we receive our rewards?

Rewards are delivered electronically within 30 days of the close out of your campaign.  If your users redeemed mystery prizes, that require shipping, they will all be sent to the organization’s address listed on the fundraising application.

Who is Pryze?

Pryze is an employee rewards program for hourly workers. At Pryze we believe that when you accomplish your goals you should be celebrated & that you should love where you work. Want to check out more about Pryze for businesses? Find us here.

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