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Written with facts from one restaurant owner/operator to another.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated throughout the day! It happens to everyone, between a global pandemic, Bernie memes, and having way too much on our to-do lists we will always find some sort of distraction to get us out of “the zone”. We need to be in this “zone” to help us perform at our highest levels, hyper-motivated and uber-productive. But, owning or managing a business means that not only do we need to motivate ourselves but an entire team of employees as well. Over the years, I have owned many businesses and learned 1 thing; a motivated employee means a happy, productive and long lasting employee.

Employees who report being happy at work take 10 times fewer sick days (
69% of employees say they would work harder if better appreciated.( Hubspot)
Happy employees are more productive.(

There can be a lot of distractions at work or just plain unmotivated employees. There are a few things that can get them focused on tasks and motivated to come to work everyday. First thing is a great rewards program. Did you know that 69% of employees state they have never received any kind of recognition in the past year? That is mind blowing, how can that motivate anyone to be productive and happy at work? Employees just want recognition and appreciation, and it starts with a simple thank you. 70% of the workforce have said if they just received a “thank you”, morale, motivation, and productivity would improve. So it starts with a simple thank you, but it’s 2021 and there is so much more available to them!

The truth is that the workforce that we count on everyday to make our businesses successful should not have to feel so under appreciated. The second recommended action for motivated employees is a rewards program. Putting an actual program in place can change everything in the business, from people to profits to procedures. The statistics show that employees will work harder with a good rewards program in place and be over 3 times more productive after they receive those rewards. Can you imagine if they could receive those rewards weekly and monthly? Now that is the way to create great company culture and a workforce that is not only happier, but motivated to wake up each morning excited for work. Rewards programs today can be tailored to you company and employee needs and should be a partnership between companies to ensure proper adoption and usage. There are always added benefits to adding a new program so make sure you research and pick the right one for you and your team.

Remember, 100% of employees love rewards and rewards that they can access instantly top the list for most motivational!

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