Reward your employees for 


Employee of the month 🎉


Amazing customer service 🙌

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"A Top 11 Tech Product That Should Be in Every Restaurateur’s Toolkit"
                               -FSR Magazine

Reward performance & get results. Customize your goals and create the best teams.

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⚡️ Motivate Your Employees

Companies with Pryze increase productivity by 22%.

😎 Happier Employees

Companies that use Pryze have a happier workplace with employees who work longer, safer and smarter.

😇 Use Positive Psychology

Change long term behavior at work with rewards. 

🎁 Customized Rewards

To celebrate big and small wins, we have rewards your employees will love. 

💰 Sell More

Locations that use Pryze increased sales by 10%.

👀 Goodbye, Distractions.
You want them focused at work and they want free stuff — everybody wins with Pryze.



Stay off your phone

Open the Pryze app and stay off the phone while at work. 

How it works



Earn Points

Earn points based on the time you stay off your phone.  


Get Rewards

Spend the points on rewards from top name retailers, restaurants and event venues. 


"After starting Pryze, our business is cleaner, faster, happier and customers can feel the impact. Onboarding was so easy. We really appreciate the time Pryze dedicated to help us get set-up."

Dorothea Ku-Dipietro, Franchise Owner

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Simple pricing and Unlimited Prizes

$7 per employee 

$250 per location 

Premium prizes to keep everyone on the team motivated.



Companies increase productivity, revenue, safety and workplace satisfaction with Pryze, by rewarding employees for accomplishing goals and for phone free time. 

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Get more out of Pryze


Give your team the tools to win.


Insights, tracking and reporting gives you control and peace of mind . 



Join the Pryze Hub


Pryze Hub is the free marketing platform that gives brands access to a hyper local audience by allowing you the ability to sponsor and give rewards directly on the Pryze app while promoting your business. 



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