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Create happy & focused employees 

to increase sales, productivity, and customer service.

Motivate employees with rewards for phone-free time at work.


Ricky, General Manager

I don't have to stress about keeping everyone motivated. Pryze takes care of it and more so I can focus on growth and safety.

Dorothea, Franchise Owner

So easy to implement! Onboarding was so simple. The feedback from my employees is positive so they enjoy using the program.

Ruby, Team Lead

As the manager I worry less now, I can tell my staff is less distracted and have a more positive attitude.

Average time distracted on phone during work


120 minutes per day

10 hours per week

5 days per month

12 weeks  a year

PRYZE is the most effective way to motivate employees to stay off their phones at work and love their job.

Premium prizes to keep everyone on the team motivated.



Companies increase productivity, improve safety and workplace satisfaction with Pryze, by rewarding employees for phone free time . 



Stay off your phone

Employees open the Pryze app and stay off the phone while at work. 

How it works



Earn Points

Earn points based on the time you stay off your phone.  


Get Rewards

Spend the points on rewards from top name retailers, restaurants and event venues. 

Get more out of Pryze


Give your team the tools to win.


Insights, tracking and reporting gives you control and peace of mind . 







For teams or individuals getting started, try it for free!


iOS/Android App


Success Plan



Great tool for businesses that want to grow with confidence.



Free Prizes


Custom Success Team


Data Dashboard


Starter Plan plus:



Advanced features for pros who need more customization.


Custom plans

Premium Prizes


Custom Reports


Professional Plan plus:


Tailored Onboarding


Priority Support


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Join the Pryze Hub

Pryze Hub is a marketing  platform that gives brands access to a hyper local audience by allowing you the ability to sponsor and give rewards directly on the Pryze app while promoting your business. 


Cody, Assistant Manager

My team was #1 in the company becuase we used Pryze. It was like that extra motivation my employees needed to come in every day and do their best.

Tony, Service Tech.

The rewards have been really cool. I got a free Nintendo Switch just for using Pryze, it was awesome!

Jorge, Crew Member

For me, it was really easy, using Pryze was just a bonus, nothing changed at work except I got more money from Pryze.

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