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Keep your eyes on the prize, not on the phone. 

Reward your employees for staying off the phone. 

"Cell phone use is the #1 cause for distractions at work!"



Average time distracted on phone during work


120 minutes per day

10 hours per week

5 days per month

12 weeks  a year

PRYZE is the most effective way to motivate employees to stay off their phones at work.

Premium prizes to keep everyone on the team motivated.



Companies increase productivity, improve safety and workplace satisfaction with Pryze, by rewarding employees for phone free time . 



Stay off your phone

Open the Pryze app and stay off the phone while at work. 

How it works



Earn Points

Earn points based on the time you stay off your phone.  


Get Rewards

Spend the points on rewards from top name retailers, restaurants and event venues. 

Get more out of Pryze


Give your team the tools to win.


Insights, tracking and reporting gives you control and peace of mind . 





Join the Pryze Hub

Pryze Hub is a marketing  platform that gives brands access to a hyper local audience by allowing you the ability to sponsor and give rewards directly on the Pryze app while promoting your business. 



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